Loft Extension

Extend your home to create valuable living space.

A loft extension can give you the space you need whilst significantly improving the value of your home.

A loft extension is similar to a loft conversion but is considered a larger and more expensive project as structural changes are made to the property. A loft extension protrudes from the slope of the roof and creates a room with full-height ceilings and walls. This is a popular option to maximise the space available and avoid sloping ceilings that often limited how the space can be used.

Our team can tackle any loft extension project, whether your loft first needs to be converted or you want to extend the loft space you already have.

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Additional Living Space

Your extended loft can be used for a multitude of purposes, from a bedroom to a home office or even a games room.

Increase Property Value

The investment of a loft extension will give your overall property value a significant boost.

Alternative to Moving Home

A loft extension eliminates the need to move to a larger home, and can even save you a considerable amount of money.

Designed to Suit You

The new space acquired with a loft extension can be designed and styled to suit your exact desires.

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